Daftar Anggota Riset KSA UNDIP 2015



Berikut daftar anggota riset KSA UNDIP 2015

1. Hendra Kusuma Putra Kadiv RISET Hendrakusuma_putra@yahoo.com
2. Fortunaria H D Staff RISET fortunariaharyaningdevi@gmail.com
3. Anggi Restianti Staff RISET restianti.anggi@gmail.com
4. Rusthesa L Staff RISET Rusthesa@gmail.com
5. Endra Catur Pamungkas Staff RISET endracatur02@gmail.comĀ 
6. Ichwanus Sofa Staff RISET
7. Rizki Bagus B Staff RISET rizkybagus08@gmail.com
8. Fina Wulansari Staff RISET finawulansari01@gmail.com


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